Did You Play the Quake Remaster?

The sudden release of the Quake Remaster by id Software and Nightdive Studios was a most pleasant surprise, but have you played this version of the game yet?

Quake Remaster
Image credit: id Software, Nightdive Studios

A classic reborn

No one expected to see a Quake Remaster. One done by id Software and Nightdive Studios no less. Is it a cheap cash-grab? Not at all. Both of these dev teams went all out. That being said, what should you expect out of this remaster? Let’s take a look together:

  • The remaster is free for original Quake owners
  • 4K support
  • Widescreen resolution support
  • Enhanced models
  • Dynamic and colored lighting
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Depth of field
  • The otherworldly soundtrack and theme song by the godly Trent Reznor

Yeah, they didn’t disappoint. Anyone unfamiliar with Quake can now enjoy the story on modern systems. Immerse yourself in the role of a Ranger, a cunning warrior armed with all kinds of devastating weapons. Takedown deformed ogres, corrupted knights, and a ton of other savage opponents in four different dimensions. You’re going to blast your way through treacherous lava-filled dungeons, gothic cathedrals, military bases crawling with creatures. and ancient medieval castles to find four magic runes.

Only when you get the four runes will you be able to confront a terrible evil that threatens all of existence.

Quake Remaster comes with old AND new content

“The Scourge of Armagon” and “Dissolution of Eternity” come with the remaster. Yet, the original expansion packs aren’t the only content packs available. The MachineGames team made two brand new expansions titled “Dimension of the Past” and “Dimension of the Machine”.

The Ranger has to find The Machine in the depths of a labyrinth. Will you be able to leap across time and space in these two new expansions to recover lost runes, power up this unexplainable machine, and open a portal to the greatest threat known to all worlds and slay it before it’s too late?

The Quake Remaster also supports 4-player online co-op, local split-screen co-op, as well as retro-style combat PvP for 8 players online or 4 players via split-screen. Dedicated server support will help players with online and peer-to-peer matchmaking.

Lastly, the Quake Remaster lets you:

  • Download and install fan-made content (Quake 64, for example)
  • Enjoy the campaign and expansions packs in co-op or PvP on any platform (cross-play for PC (controller-enabled), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch)
  • Play both the “original” and “enhanced” versions of the game

Have you played the Quake Remaster yet?

Quake Remaster
Image credit: id Software, Nightdive Studios

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