Dying Light 2 The “First Game Of Its Type”?

It’s the role of a development team to not only make the best video game they possibly can, but to hype it up in such a way that it intrigues players to get it on day one. The original Dying Light gained a lot of popularity because of the improvements the team made to it over time. But with Dying Light 2, they’re attempting to make it a game that is as epic as it possibly can be at launch.

They believe in their game so far that they’re calling it something truly special:

“We believe that Dying Light 2 is the first game of its type,” said Producer Kornel Jaskula while talking to GamesRadar. “It’s going to be a game where your choices will have genuine consequences, from how the world looks, to how the game plays, to the events that occur throughout the story. This is an open-world game where you should treat the narrative as a gameplay mechanic.”

Dying Light 2

He went on:

“Everything can change. The state of the world is always the result of the decisions that you make. The choices you make allow you to make your own version of this city. The player does have an overall goal in Dying Light 2, but it’s up to you to decide how you get to it,” said Jaskula. “It’s like having LEGO bricks and being given the goal of building a house. We give you the bricks but not the original set – you don’t have the instructions that can take you through it step-by-step. You only have the goal and it’s up to you to decide how that house will look by the very end – but it is going to be a house. It’s up to the player to figure out how the bricks can connect, how they influence one another, and how the building and its interior takes shape…”

So there you go, you are instrumental in making the game world what it is. And how the game plays through you is determined by how you play through it. No release date for Dying Light 2 has been given just yet.

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