Epic Is Giving Everyone A Free Glider In Fortnite

Epic is giving away a free glider to all Fortnite players as an apology to everyone that didn’t get to see the Unvaulting event.


Fortnite is still going strong today because Epic is throwing events left and right, while also constantly releasing new content. The community is loving them, and the latest one was the Unvaulting event. It allowed players to pick which item was going back to the game from the vault. The drum gun was the winner, a rather overpowered weapon that you either hated or loved when it was first introduced.

But, because of some issues, certain players couldn’t see this event. Naturally, Epic Games want to rectify this mistake, and so they are giving everyone the Arcana Glider. It looks cool, it’s worth 1,200 V-Bucks, and everyone will receive it, doesn’t matter if they attended the Unvaulting Playlist or not.

We’re just happy that Epic is treating all their Fortnite fans equally. Anyone that actually bought this glider when it came out or after that will get their V-Bucks refunded. This is an excellent move, so now no one feels left out and everyone gets free stuff! If we’ve learned anything from this company, it’s that they are absolutely loyal to the playerbase and will do anything to make them happy. That’s something that should inspire other developers as well.

So, were you one of the people that witnessed the Unvaulting event first hand, or did you miss it? Whatever the case may be, you should find a free glider in your account in the upcoming days!

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