Shovel Knight Team Talks Reasons For DLC Delays

In the last couple years, the Shovel Knight franchise has grown exponentially. The game started as a Kickstarter project, then became a hallmark of classic 8-bit game design. It got several spinoffs, some Amiibo, and even an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros Ultimate! But, the final DLC has been missing in action because of many delays.

In an interview with US Gamer,  designer Sean Velasco explained what was going on with the final DLC and the Showdown spinoff:

“Well, when Specter Knight came on the Switch and did really well, we were like ‘Woohoo, now we can do whatever we want with King of Cards’ and so it kind of turned into a big celebration of all the Shovel Knight games and all the things that we wanted to put in. Everything that didn’t make it in was because we didn’t have time or for some other reason. Basically, just like every idea that we ever had, we just stuffed it all into King of Cards. And so, as a result, it became this big, giant, overblown thing with a bunch of levels. It’s funny, and it’s strange, and there is a giant card game minigame. But that also kind of blew the schedule out a little bit.

Shovel Knight Showdown

He went on:

There are the amiibos, Shovel Knight Showdown, and King of Cards, and we decided that none of those elements were gonna come out until all of those elements were ready. So that’s basically why we had a delay. We could’ve maybe only focused on King of Cards and gotten that out, but then we had to do Showdown, and we wanted to get the retail version of the game that has everything in the box. So we just are slowly pushing it all together, all at once, and then finally it’ll be ready to go. We didn’t want to get a date until we were sure, but it should be real soon.”

So stay tuned! Things will turn around soon!

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