ESO: Summerset Patch Notes Now Available

The patch notes for ESO v4.0.0.0 and the new Chapter, Summerset, are now available. This DLC is opening the borders of the ancient home of the High Elves for us to explore, but there are also rumors that Daedric followers started operating in the shadows, so it’s our duty to get to the bottom of things. Now that Summerset is available on the PTS, we also got the patch notes which tell us just what can we expect to see, and test, before the DLC goes live.


The first week of the PTS testing cycle is going to focus on the new player experience. So, the developers want you to make a new character and explore the lavish home of the High Elves. Those of you that are only interested in the high-level content, there’s a template available that lets you try out the new Jewelry Crafting feature which we covered before. There’s also the new Trial which you can try out called Cloudrest. There you can try to vanquish the terrifying Welkynar and his gryphon companions in the normal or the Veteran version.

The Psijic Order skill line is also available to you. If you join the order, your character gets five new Active Abilities, five Passive ones, and one Ultimate ability.

The developers also urge all ESO players to give any feedback they have on Summerset and the content that’s available on the PTS. For those of you that want to read the patch notes in detail, you can check their official post on Reddit.


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