Fallout 76: Steel Dawn Brings The Brotherhood of Steel In December

Fallout 76: Steel Dawn brings the famous tech fanatics, the Brotherhood of Steel, in December to claim all your tech.

Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel
Image credit: Bethesda

Steel Dawn comes with our favorite tech fanatics. It’s only the first chapter in the Brotherhood of Steel questline that’s free for everyone that owns the game. As always, there’s a Paladin (Leila Rahmani is her name) that wants to establish a new chapter in a place that may contain interesting technology. With her come new settlements, NPCs, and weapons and armor that the Brotherhood uses. If you help them secure technology, you decided how it gets used. Check out the reveal trailer down below:

But what exactly is the Steel Dawn update introducing to Fallout 76 besides the tech-obsessed Brotherhood of Steel? Well, you expect a brand new Questline, new Locations and Gear, the Season 3 Scoreboard where you can join  K.D. Inkwell, C.A.M.P. Shelters (instanced spaces that are separated from the main C.A.M.P.), and Lite Allies, two of them that you can be ranked up during Season 3.

Fallout 76 rarely got talked about in a positive light here, since it’s mostly a horrible and utterly disgusting cash grab. However, it seems that the game’s slowly becoming, well, semi-enjoyable? I haven’t played it in a long time and I have no desire to return. But, everyone has a chance for redemption, so perhaps Fallout 76 can become a good title someday.

Yet, this is Bethesda we’re talking about. They’re on an awful streak these past few years. What do you all think about the new updates and the current state of the game?

Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel
Image credit: Bethesda

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