Fallout 76’s Premium Service Is Broken

Fallout 76 continues to disappoint, now with a premium service, as Bethesda obviously wants to make their entire playerbase hate them.

Fallout 76

Promised features locked behind a paywall

Fallout 1st is a brand new way of Bethesda spitting in the face of its Fallout 76 fans, if any are left at this point. I feel sorry for anyone that is paying for anything that this game company makes these days. What’s worse is that this premium service isn’t even working as intended. It brings private servers, but ones where the host can’t control who can enter and who can’t. Then there’s the Scrap Box, which should be an unlimited capacity storage space. Yet players report that items stored here often disappear completely. This premium service also adds a placeable fast travel point, a Fallout: New Vegas outfit, unique icons and emotes.

You only have to pay $100 a year, or $13 a month. So, most of the features that were promised are now locked behind a paywall. Does Bethesda love money so much they’re willing to completely destroy the relationship they’ve built with their fans over the last 20 years? It appears so.

Fallout 76

A complete mockery

Bethesda reached out to Polygon regarding these issues. An upcoming update will let players completely control access to their private services. They also stated that the empty Scrap Boxes are a UI bug. Items aren’t lost, they just don’t show in the Scrap Box. Then Bethesda updated this claim and said that the problem wasn’t just a UI bug. Items seem to be disappearing as players reported. It really looks like they aren’t even trying anymore. As a sign of protest, one person got the “Fallout 1st” domain. Now they are mocking the whole idea behind the premium service. It’s quite funny honestly, and Bethesda had it coming.

Fallout 76

Remember when Fallout games were good?

As Fallout 76 continues to become a worse live service experience, let’s look elsewhere. Why don’t you grab a Fallout 4, Fallout 3, or Fallout: New Vegas PC game key on HRK Game for a dirt-cheap price? At least these titles come with their intended features instead of them being locked away behind a paywall. And they are immersive and incredibly fun RPGs too.

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