Final Fantasy XV DLC Has Been Mostly Canceled

Final Fantasy XV was the revitalization that the franchise had needed after years of somewhat sub-par main titles. Which includes the divisive reactions to the trilogy of Final Fantasy XIII titles. The game featured a young prince in Noctis, and detailed his journey with his best friends in order to save the world he knew from a great darkness. The story was compelling, the gameplay was fun, and the visuals were stunning. It won numerous awards for itself, and the story still wasn’t done.

For Square Enix decided to release special episodic DLC detailing certain parts of the game from the perspective of Noctis’ friends. The DLC added even more to the game, though some fans weren’t happy about having to play them to “complete” the whole story. Still, Square Enix was so proud of them that they announced another “season” of episodic content. That is, until yesterday, where they revealed that all but one of them would be canceled.

This came during a presentation by Square Enix, where they revealed that longtime Director, and the current director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, was leaving the company. As he was the director of the game, and the DLC was his idea, all bu the “Episode Ardyn” content has been officially canceled.

As for why Tabata left Square Enix, he decided to go start his own company, and was already working on what will be his first title, and thus can’t stay with Square Enix. Though rumors behind-the-scenes state that Tabata wasn’t happy with the state of Luminous Studios, as they were losing money quite quickly in their first six months of life under Square Enix. Plus, with this DLC content and other commitments, he was in overload with work.

Fans are already voicing their displeasure at losing the DLC, and many are wondering how much more content, if any, Final Fantasy XV will get now.

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