Fortnite Creative Coming With Season 7

Epic Games sure do know how to bring all the feature Fortnite needs, as Season 7 is coming with Fortnite Creative.


As we all know, Fortnite is a game that mostly kids play. Really young kids, which means there are tons of YouTubers out there that make content for these kids. In-game movies, montages, highlights, all sorts of stuff. Now, making some of these things can be challenging from time to time. You don’t have all the in-game tools needed to make your videos cinematic as you would like them to be. Not to worry, as Fortnite Creative is basically a sandbox mode where you can do whatever you want to do.


Epic Games sure are geniuses. They are constantly updating their games with all kinds of amazing features. It’s like they are the only developers in the world that are adding valuable modes, features, and content to their game. And, as a bonus, they listen to their fanbase and deliver on all of their expectations. With Fortnite Creative you get your own private island. Design your own game modes, create amazing structures, or just have private matches with your friends. This sandbox mode allows you to basically mod the game in small doses.


Those of you that own the Battle Pass will get access to your private island on the first week of Season 7, which is today on December 6th. Other players will get their own islands for free on December 13th.


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