In-Game Events On Their Way To Fallout 76

For a game with such a large map, Fallout 76 is quite lacking in content, which is why Bethesda is adding in-game events.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a mess. One really big mess that was released unfinished, unpolished, with horrible ideas, and even worse execution for those ideas. We don’t know if Bethesda just doesn’t know how to create compelling games anymore, or they just don’t care and will release anything for a quick couple of bucks. Both cases are extremely sad, and the latter one makes us sad and infuriatingly angry. But, thanks to all the backlash of the players, Bethesda is working hard to improve, fix, and bring new content to the game.

Fallout 76

Inside the Vault for December 4th talked about the upcoming patches and what they will bring to the game. But, the opening sentence talks about live in-game events which are coming. It seems these will provide the players with buffs or alter the gameplay slightly. This is great news and all, but we were expecting something much more impactful. Granted, these in-game events will arrive in early 2019, so later months will definitely come with other types of content. Will any of that help Fallout 76 in any way? Perhaps, let us all wait and see.

Fallout 76

Have you played Fallout 76? If you did, what are your thoughts on the game? Is it the online-only survival Fallout title that you expected? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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