Fortnite’s Solo Showdown Mode Is Back

In Fortnite you usually play with a friend or two in a match with other players to see who will be the last man/team standing. In the Solo Showdown mode, it’s that but you also get all kinds of rewards if you prove yourself and win the most amount of matches.


Competitions are very exciting, and in a game such as Fortnite, having a competitive spirit will help you greatly, especially in the Showdown Mode, which is going to reward the top 100 players in each region. This is the perfect opportunity for those of you that like to test their skills to also get some prizes while you’re at it. This is the ultimate test to see who’s the most cunning, skilled, and tactical player. Only the best of the best will be number one, so let’s see how this competition will end.


Unlike many others limited time mods, the Solo Showdown doesn’t change the game and it doesn’t add anything new to it. It is basically like one big tournament to decide who is the best Fortnite player. The top 100 will get rewards, as one would expect, and the points that decide where you end up on the ladder are divided. You get 100 points for getting a Victory Royale, and that goes down to 25 points for being 76-100. Only the first 25 matches of the Solo Showdown mode will award you points, so you can’t grind out this event, you have to give it your all in these 25 matches and try to get as many points as you can.

First place gets 50, 000 V-Bucks, the 2nd – 4th place get 25, 000 V-Bucks, 5th – 50th place get 13, 500 V-Bucks, and 51st – the 100th place gets 7, 500 V-Bucks.


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