GOG Faces Backlash For Deciding Not To Sell Horror Game Devotion

Tales of censorship never end well for the ones that censor, and so GOG faces backlash for deciding not to list Devotion on their store.

GOG Devotion
Image credit: redcandlegames

This is not the first rodeo with censorship for redcandlegames, the devs of Devotion. Their game was removed from Steam a while back as well. Due to “Chinese players review bombing the game” because of a meme that mocked Chinese President Xi Jinping. Then the devs announced that GOG will sell their game on their digital distribution platform, but that quickly changed.

You can see the tweet by GOG down below. No one knows which gamers messaged them to not sell the game. That is seen in multiple responses in the comments saying things like: “Just say you’re bending over for china, don’t pretend the reason is something else,” and “Bending the knee to the chinese dictatorship, huh? What a shame.”. It’s pretty obvious why everyone is mad. Especially since the devs got the green light by GOG themselves, otherwise they wouldn’t announce the arrival of their game officially on Twitter.

Even though CD Projekt made a lot of cash with Cyberpunk 2077, they’re under fire for the poor optimization, an insane amount of bugs, and an insanely bad last-gen release. With this GOG and Devotion scandal, the respect and fate the fans have in this company will plummet even further.

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GOG Devotion
Image credit: redcandlegames

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