GRID 2 Is Currently Free For The Taking

The Humble Bundle website is offering another gem for free, this time GRID 2, an enjoyable arcade racing sim with a lot of content.


GRID 2 is an arcade racing sim that has a lot of things for you to do in-game. It has AI that will actually put up a fight when you’re racing against them, strange handling but pretty easy to understand once you get used to it, and pretty darn amazing graphics considering that this is a game that launched in 2013. This is an especially fun game if you’re playing with a couple of friends since the singleplayer stuff can be a bit boring and sluggish at times. Still, it isn’t a bad game in any type of way, and considering that it is free right now, why not grab it?

Those of you that played GRID Autosport before GRID and GRID 2 will be surprised as the gameplay differs between these titles a lot. The thing that all of them have in common are bugs, which are plentyful but not severe enough to hinder your enjoyment in any major way.


As always, all you have to do in order to receive this title for free is to click the “Get the Game” button and follow the instructions. You won’t just be getting GRID 2, you will also receive the Spa-Francorchamps and Bathurst track packs that come with, you guessed it, new tracks and even some new vehicles. You have until March 17th to claim the title, so be quick, as there’s a limited number of codes that are available as always.


What are you waiting for? Go grab your key before someone else does it first!

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