New Northgard Update Expands Crafting And Introduces Relics

If you’re looking for a RTS game that feautres Vikings, then you should check out Northgard which just got a huge new free update.


Is your Viking clan struggling? Do they need a bit of assistance with their everyday lives? Well, don’t fret, just craft some insanely powerful artifacts to help you out. We’re not quite sure if Vikings in the good old days had things that could summon undead behemoths, giants, wolves, legendary sorts, and things like that, but Northgard lets you do just that. Each of the clans in the game can pick between five common artifacts and one clan-specific artifact.

These artifacts can help you in many different ways. This update also changes tool mechanics and the Forge. Players get to pick which thing they want to improve in the Forge, be it civilian tools, military tools, or the newly added Relics. Multiple items can be queued in the Forge, and when one finishes work on the next one starts immediately.

If production isn’t going as fast as you would like, Northgard now lets you put up to three smiths at work. That way you can craft those shiny new Relics faster and use them to bring the wrath of the gods onto your enemies. The smiths themselves can be upgraded in order turn them into efficient and fast workers.

If you’re looking for an RTS that is actually fun and enjoyable without being overcomplicated, give Northgard a try.


Visit the official post if you’re looking to see the full patch notes and everything that this update brought to the game.

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