GTA Online Gives Out Extra Cash For A Trio Of Activities

GTA Online always gives the players the chance to earn Double GTA$ & RP on certain missions, this time including any Doomsday Heist finales.

GTA Online

The Arena War Series is loved by many, mostly because it lets you act as Mad Max in a GTA game, which is a treat that many respect and enjoy. Those of you that like those sort of activities will be happy to know that doing them gives Double GTA$ & RP all week long, so you can mess up some cars and earn more cash than usual. Any of the Doomsday Heist finals also nets you 2X GTA$ & RP payloads, so be sure not to miss this chance!

These Doomsday Heist finals include The Data Breaches, The Bogdan Problem, and The Doomsday Scenario, all very exciting GTA Online activities.

The Data Breaches has you visit an IAA base that’s located under the Satelite Relay Station in the middle of a desert where agents are trying to take hack the government servers, and you have to make sure that they don’t. The Bogdan Problem revolves around a foreign submarine. One team has to fight off enemy agents in an aircraft while the other has to enter the submarine and disable it. Lastly, there’s the Doomsday Scenario where the wrong people got into a Missle Launch Base, and you have to take them down before they launch a warhead.

There’s also a GTA Online Weekend Giveaway, discounts on property and vehicles, and more, so if you want more information on all of that, be sure to check out their official site.

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