H1Z1: King of The Kill Overhauls Combat in Update

H1Z1: King of the Kill has just had its largest update of the year introduced, courtesy of Daybreak Games. The latest update for the massive arena shooter brings a new weapon in the form of the Hellfire 4-6 submachine gun, as well as working on the game’s overall core mechanics and gunplay so players have the best experience possible.

The Combat Update also increases King of the Kill’s overall pace and action by altering the game’s navigation mechanics. The new weapon will come in particularly handy in close quarters, as you spray your prey with deadly hellfire. It isn’t all just about the weapon though, as further enhancements have rebalanced all weapons to give a more modern and improved feel, with better animation, ballistics, hitmarkers and proficiency.

Speaking of improvements, the camera system now showcases characters much better, and makes movement even easier. Five new points of interest have been added also, which will increase the diversity of fights across the East Valley Shopping Center, Harris County Fairgrounds, CWP Water Treatment Authority, CWP Utilities Compound 62, and a revamped Sunny Pines residential area.

You should now also find navigation simpler, with the compass update accompanied by the ability to place a waypoint marker on the map.

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