Hideo Kojima Hates The Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Branding

Hideo Kojima took to Twitter to explain why he hates the usage of the Director’s Cut wording when it comes to games.

Hideo Kojima Director's Cut
Image credit: Kojima Productions

It makes total sense why Kojima’s frustrated with the wording here. A “Director’s Cut” is used only for movies that were cut down. That means the director removed some scenes. To reduce the run time, to remove some explicit scenes, and so on. So, a  Director’s Cut of a game would be a version that includes all the cut content and features.

Well, Hideo Kojima went on to explain how the Director’s Cut for Death Stranding isn’t that at all. Since this edition of the game adds new content instead of removed or cut content. You can see Kojima’s thoughts on the matter on his Twitter profile.

As many other Twitter users pointed out, the most logical name would be Death Stranding: Extended Cut, or Death Stranding: Enhanced Edition. Since we’re getting content made AFTER the game was launched. But as most pointed out the reason for calling it Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is due to the branding’s cinematic appeal. Everyone wants to see what the director included in it that wasn’t there from the start.

As it stands, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut arrives with new story content, new fights and weapons, and a cargo catapult. Right now we don’t know if this version is coming to PC.

Hideo Kojima Director's Cut
Image credit: Kojima Productions

But you can still pick a PC game key for a standard Death Stranding version on HRK Game for a great price!

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