Immortals Fenyx Rising’s Last Story DLC Is Almost Here

Immortals Fenyx Rising’s last story DLC is almost here with an adventure seen from a god’s perspective and a new combat system.

Immortals Fenyx Rising last DLC
Image credit: Ubisoft

Immortals Fenyx Rising is basically a copy of Breath of the Wild, but not as iconic and complex. A completely solid fantasy action-adventure game from Ubisoft. A solid experience if you’re looking for a colorful open-world, funny characters, and flashy yet simple combat.

But, Ubisoft is doing something different with Immortals Fenyx Rising’s last story DLC. It’s an adventure focusing on Ash, a new mortal champion we’re going to play. Yet, this new story folds from a god’s-eye perspective and it features a new brawler-inspired combat system. Sounds a lot like an ARPG, doesn’t it? Is Ubisoft testing things for an upcoming ARPG or am I looking into this too much?

Whatever the case may be, Immortals Fenyx Rising’s last story DLC takes us to Pyrite Island. There we need to locate the gods which had a falling-out with Zeus, those being Poseidon and Hades. Players need to convince these prideful gods to return to Pantheon in order to restore balance to the world.

The Lost Gods DLC arrives on April 22nd as announced by Ubisoft.

Immortals Fenyx Rising last DLC
Image credit: Ubisoft

Those wishing to give Immortals Fenyx Rising a shot can pick it up on HRK Game for an outstandingly low price right now!

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