Is Thanos Returning To Fortnite?

Dataminers have uncovered some clues that hint that Thanos could be returning to Fortnite in the near future.


Everyone remembers the strange crossover from last where the big baddie from Infinity War came to Fortnite. It was, well, a weird occurance, but the players liked the mode and playing as Thanos and using his unique abilities to take down players. Maybe we’re going to see the return of the Mad Titan in the near future, as Skin-Tracker showed us some data which has some interesting lines. “Yield of the POWER of Thanos” makes us think that Epic Games are adding this guy once again, which is perfect timing considering that Avengers: Endgame is coming rather soon.

Nothing has been officially confirmed as of now, but as far as these leaks go, they have never been wrong. We’re just wondering if Thanos is going to have the same abilities as he did last time, or will he get some new ones. Playing as the Mad Titan in the LTM last year was pretty fun even though he didn’t have the option of building, and if he is added again, that part probably won’t change.

Maybe this time around the LTM won’t have an Infinity Gauntlet to pick up which turns you into Thanos. Maybe there’s some other trick to it that relates to Avengers: Lategame. Who knows, at this point it’s all speculation, but Fortnite players can definitely look forward to some epic LTM down the line.

The movie is coming on April 26th, so if something related to our favorite bad guy is coming, it will either arrive on the same day the movie gets released or shortly after. If more news regarding this surface, we’ll be sure to cover them as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

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