Epic Store Won’t Be Getting Internal Forums Or Trading Cards, Says Tim Sweeney

Tim Sweeney took to Twitter to explain some things which are coming to the Epic Store, and which aren’t.

Tim Sweeney
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A lot of things are bothering people when it comes to Epic Games and their store. The most obvious one is that they are offering exclusivity deals to developers so they release their new titles on their platforms as exclusives. This means that if you want to play that particular title, you have to buy it on the Epic Store. A pretty anti-consumer policy, but Epic Games don’t see it that way, mostly beacuse they don’t want to admit that it’s something that doesn’t at all benefit gamers.

Steam isn’t perfect, and it does have a lot of flaws itself, but Valve never tried to force their platform onto people with exclusvity deals. Even though the 88% cut that is being given to developers is excellent for the industry, the fact that the Epic Store is lacking some core features isn’t. For example, there won’t be any internal forums or trading cards of any sort.

Tim Sweeney

Their roadmap revealed that the store is getting player reports, player data storage, achievments and leaderboards, communications, parties, an overlay, matchmaking, player identity, and player inventory. It’s nice to see that Epic Games have a lot of plans to expand their store with all kinds of features, but we don’t think the PC community will ever use their platform beacuse of the way the entered the scene.

No one likes when a big company comes and dictates where you have to go to buy your game. Add in the fact that a lot of people think that Epic Games are selling personal data of their users to Tencent, an Chinese company. Tim Sweeney denied those claims, saying that their business partners don’t have access to Epic customer data.

What do you think, will the PC gaming community ever accept Epic Games and their Epic Store? Let us know in the comments below!

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