Epic Store Won’t Be Getting Internal Forums Or Trading Cards, Says Tim Sweeney

Tim Sweeney took to Twitter to explain some things which are coming to the Epic Store, and which aren’t.

Tim Sweeney
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A lot of things are bothering people when it comes to Epic Games and their store. The most obvious one is that they are offering exclusivity deals to developers so they release their new titles on their platforms as exclusives. This means that if you want to play that particular title, you have to buy it on the Epic Store. A pretty anti-consumer policy, but Epic Games don’t see it that way, mostly beacuse they don’t want to admit that it’s something that doesn’t at all benefit gamers.

Steam isn’t perfect, and it does have a lot of flaws itself, but Valve never tried to force their platform onto people with exclusvity deals. Even though the 88% cut that is being given to developers is excellent for the industry, the fact that the Epic Store is lacking some core features isn’t. For example, there won’t be any internal forums or trading cards of any sort.

Tim Sweeney

Their roadmap revealed that the store is getting player reports, player data storage, achievments and leaderboards, communications, parties, an overlay, matchmaking, player identity, and player inventory. It’s nice to see that Epic Games have a lot of plans to expand their store with all kinds of features, but we don’t think the PC community will ever use their platform beacuse of the way the entered the scene.

No one likes when a big company comes and dictates where you have to go to buy your game. Add in the fact that a lot of people think that Epic Games are selling personal data of their users to Tencent, an Chinese company. Tim Sweeney denied those claims, saying that their business partners don’t have access to Epic customer data.

What do you think, will the PC gaming community ever accept Epic Games and their Epic Store? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Anonymous informed says

    This argument is one of the most used by the crowds but MAKES NO SENSE: “Steam isn’t perfect, and it does have a lot of flaws itself, but Valve never tried to force their platform onto people with exclusvity deals” (ENTHYMEME) —> So Steam is good.
    Steam if they dared to push so called “exclusive” – first of all they would have not obtained them since the distribution price they make pay to publisher and thus TO CREATIVITY to be played. So it doesn’t make sense.
    Secondly but not less importantly Steam would never do that because they would not be able to afford it: if they do that people would start ” to throw in the air the seats and the desks ” since Steam is a horrible place where companies are allowed to shut down any discourse between players, where digital terrorism, harassment, sexism, violence, trolling, stalking, cyber attacks and the worse things from Holocaust apologetism to extreme ideas are spread and Valve does not invest at all in protection from it. Community management is the most cheap and profit making thing Valve has. Traffic means MONEY. They push traffic through HATE FLAMING which is something they constantly inflate (even against EPIC they did this).

    So seriously… Journos should actually share ideas that are AHEAD and better then what masses talk say. These stories of “Epic isn’t offering x and y” is just trash: why? Because you are forgetting that Steam is the monopoly, they are the ATTACKED, in market terms, they are defending the market closure that their 15 years old reality actually is.
    Epic is investing but they are not gonna DIVE IN with both feet all at once. It would be STUPID.

    Unfortuantely people dnt understand what is business administration 101.
    You first create a position of advantage and then attack. you don’t go in like a stupid just because…”consumers”.

    We are players not consumers. It’s steam that made entertainment a Trading, Gambling machine or anyway not only them, they actually helped this happen. We play trash games also because they pushed F2p games and players that can’t update or forget to upgrade their pc are welcome and keep creating a demand for trash cheap games… where you gamble instead to play quality.

    Let’s look the problem 360 degrees around! Steam is pushing some innovation ok! They are doing something in the VR world, they are good somehow regarding the Workshop but this could be hosted tranquilly somehwere else with no problems.

    So seriously all the hate that Epic is getting is due to a position of ignorance of alt-right, players on drugs (addicted to monopoly and their my space page \ trading type of daily business and they want to impose the closed market on all players just ebcause they will lose all the value of what they are actually and stupidly buying instead of considering GAMING is not just emergent economy (no worries I am ok with that as long as it is not exaggerated) but gaming is CREATIVITY and FUN it is participation and competition, it is art and humans it’s not about MONEY.

    Steam made gaming about money and we need to actually watch from Epic too or others from doing of gaming JUST THAT… as Steam has worked hard to make of gaming just a revenue tool not a thing about quality. I can quote dozens of episodes that confirm what I am saying (from publishing trash, to allowing PUBg to open a mtx main business even if the game was just an alpha until few months ago… and this example is pretty colossal)…

    I believe that a lot of fuss is in the air in these days due to massive trends of Epicphobia, ignorance about the business and low techliteracy, low interdisciplinary literacy, hate non sensical trends.

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