It Looks Like Apex Legends Has Some Hardcore New Anti-Cheating Measures

Apex Legends teaches us once more that cheaters finish last, or maybe never in this particular case.

Apex Legends

Cheating in online games isn’t advised, as it just ruins the fun for everybody. Respawn knows this, and they made sure that anyone who cheats in Apex Legends gets removed, permanently. Who did they manage to do this exactly? Well, have you ever heard of something called HWID banning? Apparently, it bans you with an HWID code, which is unique to the hardware of your computer. That means even if you change your IP you won’t be able to get into the game.

Pretty brutal, but also effective, as players that have cheated can’t seem to make their way back to Apex Legends. No matter how hard they try. That’s good, and that’s the way it should be. Once you stop playing by the rules and start doing things that hurt the experience of other players, you’ve crossed a line that shouldn’t be crossed in online games.

Apex Legends

As you can imagine, this kind of ban is real hard to undo. Is cheating in a game so important to someone would change their hardware to get back into that game? Maybe to some, it is, but these HWID bans are pretty effective. That makes us wonder, why don’t other developers use them as well? PUBG struggled with cheating for a while, they could have used this kind of banning. Respawn is obviously doing something right, as they are banning more and more cheaters and hackers every month.

Apex Legends

If you’re an Apex Legends player, have you encountered a cheater or a hacker while you’ve been playing? Tell us in the comments section down below!

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