Killing Floor 2 And Two Other Games Free For The Taking

Killing Floor 2 is currently free for the taking alongside two other rather great games on the infamous Epic Games Store.

Killing Floor 2 free
Image credit: Tripwire Interactive

One of the most intense co-op horror multiplayer shooters on the market right now. That’s what Killing Floor 2 is. It features a lot of vicious and scary mutants, multiple classes, loads of insane guns, and terrifying bosses for you to take down. A sequel that improved upon the excellent first game in every way possible. But it’s not perfect as it does have some issues when it comes to microtransactions. Some things that should be free DLC may be sold for high prices. But it doesn’t affect the overall experience too much.

Killing Floor 2 is currently free for the taking on the Epic Games Store. However, that’s not all. Two other excellent titles are also being offered to gamers all around the globe. The Escapist 2 and Lifeless Planet are yours to pick up. Lifeless Planet is an insanely quirky and compelling exploration-adventure while The Escapist 2 is all about living in a prison and then finding a way to escape it. You have until July 16th to claim these titles, so better act quickly!

Killing Floor 2 free
Image credit: Tripwire Interactive

Before you play through these sequels, why not check out the first games in the series? Both Killing Floor and The Escapists are both available on HRK Game for a great price!

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