Kingdom Hearts III Co-Director Talks Story, Gameplay, and More

We are now a week away from one of the biggest and most-anticipated game releases in recent memory…Kingdom Hearts III. The game over a decade in the making is finally almost here, and many are chomping at the bit to get their hands on it. But, they will have to wait a little bit more. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t hear more about the game from one of the main members of the games development team!

In an interview with IGN, Tai Yasue talked a lot about Kingdom Hearts III, and dove deep into just about everything you can imagine. Of course, one of the biggest things about Kingdom Hearts is going to the various Disney worlds and interacting with them in a big and fun way, and according to Yasue, that was a big motivator for this one too:

“We all love the original Disney films, obviously. We watch them over and over again and we just ask ourselves, ‘What will be the most fun [thing to do] there, in the world,’” Yasue said


Kingdom Hearts III

The main weapon in the Kingdom Hearts franchise is the Keyblade, and here in KH3, the team wanted to increase the tempo of the game even more than before and have even more fun with the combat:

“The tempo was quick and I think it’s really important to have a change in rhythm in the battle systems, and the game, so we wanted to take that feeling and put that into Kingdom Hearts 3, as well,” he said. “We wanted our players to be surprised. But at the same time, we wanted it to be true to the world,” Yasue said of the various, unexpected items the Keyblade changes into throughout battle, noting how the Toy Story transformation isn’t into an actual hammer, but a toy one. So by using that, by changing a [Keyblade]’s look and also how he fights, you never get really tired or bored of the game.”

The game arrives on PS4 and Xbox One on January 29th.

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