Kingdom Hearts III Getting “First Impressions” Press Later This Week

Kingdom Hearts III is one of those titles that you wonder if it’s ever going to come out. It’ll basically be 13 years since the last main title (that came out on console and wasn’t a compilation) came out, and fans have been eager to get the game throughout those 13 years. But now, Square Enix is saying the game WILL come out, and that it WILL come out this year. And as if to prove that, they’re going to have a special press event where the media will get to share their “first impressions” of the title.

Sometime this week, the members of the press will be invited to try out the game in a special “Kingdom Hearts III Invitational Premiere Event”. And on May 18th, the embargo for the event will be lifted, which means they’ll be able to share their thoughts and opinions on the game. Which will be a relief for all who want to hear more.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Square Enix

Despite not knowing a lot about the game, we do know many key details. For example, we know several of the worlds that we’ll be going to. Including returning ones like the world of Hercules, but this time, we’re going to Olympus, and not just a coliseum. New worlds include: Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Tangled, Big Hero Six, and more. Furthermore, we know that Sora (the main character), will have new powers and abilities, including new special summons and the ability to use Disney theme park rides as weapons.

Finally, this entry will be the last chapter of the story that was started in Kingdom Hearts. So you can expect a “true” ending. Although, that promise might be a little hard to keep given the series history. But we’ll see.

Once the impressions go up, we’ll let you know what others have thought.

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