Learn More About The Javelins In Anthem

An Anthem video series is being released that focuses on many things, with the first one being about Javelins, progression, and story.


As we all know by now, the world in which Anthem takes place was abandoned by its creators. Naturally, humankind was left to fend for themselves in a dangerous world filled with all kinds of createrues and other humans that aren’t all that friendly.

But, thanks to the Javelin suits that get to shine in the brand new Anthem video, we aren’t all that weak in the wilderness. Quite the opposite, these suits give you all kinds of abilities and access to incredibly powerful weaponry.


The customization for your Javelins seems pretty alright. Nothing too complex and nothing too simple. The perfect balance for a game that wants to be enjoyable to everyone. It’s quite strange that we’re only getting four Javelins, but considering that we’re going to play a lot with our loadouts, many different playstyles will be available. At least that’s what this videos are telling us. Maybe more Javelins come out later as DLC, or even as free updates.

As far as the story is concerned, there’s this thing called the Anthem of Creation which basically lets you be God, as you can control creation destruction and all that generic stuff. It’s always a power that lets you do everything, and naturally, the main bad guy (the Dominion) wants that to, presumably, do bad things.



The game looks spectacular in terms of graphics, and the combat seems smooth and enjoyable. But, many people still fear that there just won’t be enogh content to keep us busy. This games are great, until they run out of fun activities and become repepetitive.

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