LoL Overtook Fortnite In Twitch Views In 2019

Seems like LoL reclaimed its throne as the most viewed game on Twitch from Fortnite in 2019.

An infograph showing the views of streamed video games in 2019
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LoL takes back its crown from Fortnite

League of Legends was the most viewed game on Twitch for 7 years before Fortnite took that crown from it in 2018. Which is normal, Fortnite really gained a massive amount of popularity over the last couple of years. Thanks to big streamers like Ninja, Twitch was occupied by Fortnite streamers and viewers. But, now some of the biggest streamers for this battle royale left Twitch. They migrated over to new streaming platforms like Mixer, so 2019 ended up being dominated by LoL once again. Will this continue in 2020? Perhaps, since League of Legends isn’t AS popular as it was on Twitch because most popular LoL streamers started playing a bunch of other games. Still, it’s one of the most played games in the world. And each new Season comes with a lot of new things which always brings back both players and streamers back to see what new content Riot added.

Can LoL keep the crown in 2020?

Can LoL beat Fortnite on Twitch and remain as the most viewed game? I don’t think it will. See, Epic Games pump out new content a lot more than Riot does. I’m guessing that in 2020 Fortnite will once again occupy the number one spot on Twitch. It’s anyone’s game at this point. What do you think, which one of these giants is taking the crown of the most viewed game on Twitch in 2020?

A group of Fortnite characters with skins
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