Minecraft Becomes an R-Rated Title In South Korea

Minecraft is essentially an R-rated game now due to a lot of intertwining decisions made by both Microsoft and South Korea.

Minecraft South Korea
Image credit: Mojang

Alright so this is a bit confusing so I need you all to pay close attention in order to understand why Minecraft’s essentially an R-rated game in South Korea.

First things first, South Korea has something called the “Cinderella law” that doesn’t let kids or teens play games between midnight and 6 am. Microsoft decided to tackle this problem in 2012 by making the age requirement for a Microsoft account be 19 years old. However, kids and teens just logged in with their Mojang accounts and played the game. This is possible because Mojang accounts don’t have age verification.

However, this started changing in December 2020. Players got notifications that they’d need to sign in with their Xbox Live accounts to play the game. This was voluntary until it became required in March. Keep in mind this only affected South Korean players. Right now Minecraft has a 12+ age rating. But the Xbox Live age restriction required to make an account to play the game makes it an 18+ title. PC Gamer got a response from a Microsoft spokesperson regarding this issue:

We are proceeding with the global migration of Mojang accounts to Microsoft accounts for Minecraft: Java Edition including for our players in South Korea. We’re working on a longer term solution for existing and new players under the age of 19 in South Korea and will have more to share on this later this year.”

An official petition’s currently running to remove the country’s “Cinderella Law”. You can view the petition right here.

Minecraft South Korea
Image credit: Mojang

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