Monster Hunter Stories 2 Already Sells 1 Million Copies

Monster Hunter Stories 2 proves it’s worthy of the Monster Hunter name by selling 1 million copies worldwide in just 11 days.

Monster Hunter Stories 1 million copies
Image credit: Capcom

The Monster Hunter franchise is really unique. They’re open-world action-adventure ARPGs where you hunt down monsters. Then you skin them, and make unique weapons and armor from their body parts. Pretty crazy right? Well, Monster Hunter Stories takes that formula and turns it into a creature-battler.

Now, while this may seem like a strange shift in gameplay, it actually works incredibly well. However, the turn-based combat system isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I think even the most hardcore of Monster Hunter fans can enjoy the Monster Hunter Stories spin-off to an extent.

While these announcements are usually accompanied by complaints of all kinds on Twitter (bugs, poor optimization, lackluster gameplay, etc.), Monster Hunter Stories 2 announced its 1 million copies sold and was met with nothing but praise.

The most impressive part is that the game launched only 11 days ago. For a spin-off of a franchise that recently got its popularity, it’s impressive. The first game had a lot of issues but the sequel delivered a compelling experience.

Have you tried the Monster Hunter Stories spin-offs yet? If not, why? Tell me in the comments section down below!

Monster Hunter Stories 1 million copies
Image credit: Capcom

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