A New Dragon Age Game is On The Way

Fans of the Dragon Age franchise have been left in limbo somewhat in recent times. A new title from BioWare has been expected for a while now, and the expectation has always been there that one would arrive eventually, though there hasn’t been much said about a new title since August, which was confirmed by Failbetter Games founder Alexis Kennedy.

Now, we’ve heard from Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah, who has taken to Twitter to give an update on what’s happening: “Halfway through my trip to Barcelona! I’m here showing Anthem internally to EA. I am EP of BOTH DA and Anthem working with @Bio_Warner as Game Director Anthem’s up next but there are people hard at work on both franchises and I look forward to sharing more in the future.”

Sadly, that’s all there is for now in terms of news of a new game. There isn’t much point at this moment in time getting too hyped for a new Dragon Age, since we all know BioWare are currently working on Anthem, which presents their highly anticipated Destiny-style release. So don’t expect a new entry in the Dragon Age franchise until at least 2019.

What is safe to assume is that BioWare will be looking to come back strong after the whole Mass Effect: Andromeda fiasco, so when a new title does arrive, you can expect something special.

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