New Info Revealed About The New Solo Mode In Hearthstone

The new solo adventure for Hearthstone is coming soon, and now we got more information about that its features.


The Dalaran Heist, that’s the name of the new Hearthstone adventure. It’s going to be much bigger than the previous two which involved dungeons and monsters. This time, players can look forward to the plunder of the city of Dalaran, a magnificent settlement that floats. Players familiar with the single player of this game will feel right at home with The Dalaran Heist. But, loads of new features are coming to make this the best single player experience that Hearthstone ever got.

We’ll be visiting many different locations as we go through the chapters of this adventure. Each boss will have their own unique factors and rules. One of the new additions is a loadout system. Each class now gets multiple starter decks and different hero powers. Basically, Blizzard wants to give the players a lot of freedom and options.

This time we’re getting some kind of friendly encounters that help us discard some cards in our decks or add new ones. Beat the Normal and Heroic difficulties, and this time there’s the Anomaly Mode. This mode becomes available once you unlock all five chapters of the heist. As you can guess from the name, Anomaly Mode comes with randomized rules to make the battle as crazy as possible.

You can pay for the adventure either with gold or real money. Since it is going to be a huge and complex mode, giving 700 gold for it doesn’t seem like much.

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