Recruit-A-Friend Program In WoW Is Shutting Down

These kinds of programs have always existed in games, but it seems like the current one in WoW is shutting down soon.

Most games and even apps have a recruit-a-friend or a refer-a-friend system in place. You know how it works, you get a friend to play that game you’re enjoying currently and you both get some kinds of reward. A pretty simple, but effective way for both gamers and games to get some kind of bonus from a mutually beneficial agreement. Blizzard has some plans for WoW in regards to a program such as this, as the current Recruit-A-Friend system is being shut down.

All WoW players tried the Recruit-A-Friend system before. Get one of your buddies hooked on the game, and both can receive all kinds of benefits. Summon each other to group faster, earn more XP when you’re together and even give each other levels, get unique mounts and pets, and so on. A perfect system for anyone that has a lot of friends that are open to trying new games.

It seems like Blizzard is working on something new, possibly even better. Players can still use this system until June 11th arrives, which is when the Recruit-A-Friend is shutting down. What is going to replace it? We don’t know for now, since no one from Blizzard actually gave us any info about the new system and how it will be different.

Sometime after that WoW will be getting this new program. Hopefully, they reveal some information about it in the upcoming months. If it ends up being better than the current one, great, but if Blizzard somehow makes it worse, a lot of players will be very angry. And lately, fans of their games have mostly remained disappointed with their decisions. After all, the current system is freaking awesome for recruiting new players.

Have you managed to bring in a friend of yours into WoW by using
Recruit-A-Friend? Let us know if the comments section if you did!

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