Ninja And His Team Won An Apex Legends Tournament With 420 Points

The very first Apex Legends tournament was won by Ninja and his crew that got 420 points in the end.

Apex Legends

This is a pretty strange article, but when we found out that Team Kings Canyon (Ninja, King Richard, and Dizzy) won the first Apex Legends tournament by getting 420 points, we just had to share that with you. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Apex Legends, it is the latest battle royale game to be released.

It rose from the ashes of Titanfall 3 and become, well, probably the best battle royale shooter out there. Fortnite and PUBG aren’t the leading ones anymore, this is the new king of this oversaturated genre.

Apex Legends

Now, this tournament hasn’t put the players against each other, as the game doesn’t have the option of making custom games. Instead, the teams went out into normal matches and slaughtered every other player there in order to get as many points as possible. The tournament lasted for 4 hours, one kill gave you one point, and a win gave your team 5 points.

In the end, Team Kings Canyon managed to get 420 points, which is quite the spectacular finisher for the game’s very first tournament. Quite a hilarious one as well, and we do wonder did they stop at that point for the hell of it, or was it random.

Apex Legends

Have you tried Apex Legends yet? If you haven’t, you should, as it’s free, very enjoyable, and it’s probably the next big thing in gaming.

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