Overwatch: Chapter 2 Coming?

Is Blizzard coming out with a new shooter, with it being Overwatch: Chapter 2 instead of a direct sequel to their hero shooter?

Overwatch: Chapter 2
Image source: ESPN

I’ve always been saying that the Overwatch universe is filled with interesting stories to tell with incredibly compelling characters. Was that ever done in the game? Not really, some special events gave us some glimpses and tidbits, but nothing major. These new rumors are here to correct that. They talk about a new chapter in the Overwatch franchise. It isn’t a brand new sequel with a new engine, characters, and so on. But, it does have new things and new focuses. What am I talking about? Well, if the rumors are true, Overwatch: Chapter 2 will have a large focus on PvE.

Could that be? That Blizzard actually listened to their Overwatch fanbase and is giving them what they want? Maybe, maybe not, we all still need to wait until BlizzCon. That’s when we’re going to see if old Blizzard has any pleasant surprises for us that don’t involve mobile games. I hope that their thick skulls understood that no one wants a freaking mobile game.

Overwatch: Chapter 2
Image source: https://twitter.com/Slasher/status/1188477659719884804

Hero talents (which you can see in the image above) and in-game items will be available in the PvE mode. But, fans of PvP won’t be left starving. A new mode where you can clash against other players will reportedly also be a part of the game. It’s called “Push”, and it will be set on a new map. Quite a lot of things to be excited about this BlizzCon. But, will all these new games make their fans forget Blizzard’s huge screwup regarding that Hearthstone incident? Probably not.

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