Payday 2 Adds The Greatest Heist of All

The heist simulator/coop shooter know as Payday 2 is bringing a certain story to a close and adding a new heist to the game.

Payday 2

Payday 2 was once a shooter that was all about robbing banks. You had hostages to find, money to collect, and most of the time, police to shoot. It was all pretty standard, but as some events came and their story kept progressing strange things started happening. All of a sudden there’s something in the White House that you need to get. That won’t be easy, especially considering that the military is parked right outside waiting for any idiot to try to breach this place. Unfortunately, we are those idiots, as the new heist requires us to break into this fortress and steal some things.

Payday 2

Storming into the White House isn’t really recommended. This new heist is now available for free, so if you haven’t tried it, give it a chance. Players say that you can find the presidential pardons (the things you really need to find) without actually being seen or heard, but that seemed pretty impossible for us. We just went in guns blazing, as we normally do with any heist. We didn’t last long, as the security for the White House is pretty hardcore.

Payday 2

It seems like completing this heist is going to unlock a new live-action cutscene called The End. What the cutscene is all about we won’t tell, it’s better if you actually manage to complete this heist and find out for yourself. We’re trying to do the same thing, so the sneaky approach is looking more and more like an option.


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