PewDiePie Played Minecraft To Beat T-Series

There is a great war going on in the Internet. No, it’s a fanboy war between things like Marvel and DC Comics, or even the war of Nintendo vs. Sony vs. Microsoft. No, the war is much deeper than that, much more personal than that. It is the war between the Youtuber PewDiePie, and the corporation known as T-Series. This is a war for the soul of both Youtube and the Internet itself! A desperate struggle for superiority, and a desire to be the very best of the best! And now, Minecraft has been dragged into the war!!!

…ok, that was a little dramatic, but parts of that were 100% true. The Youtuber PewDiePie has been working hard for ages to be at the top, and stay at the top, of Youtube in terms of subscriber base, and he’s done that, emphatically, having over 86 million subscribers. But, the Indian corporation T-Series is coming really close to dethroning him, and the Internet is watching.

Previously, PewDiePie went and played Fortnite on his stream in order to try and get more subscribers, and it worked for a time, as the gap grew in quite a way. But now, it’s around 13,000, so PewDiePie had to attempt something rash…he had to go to Minecraft.

“I never thought I would be this desperate … playing Minecraft,” PewDiePie said to kick off his stream. “I realize I’m at the lowest point any man has ever experienced.”

And though the stream was a success, he acknowledges that he’s running out of time, and people:

“The sub gap is almost at 10,000,” PewDiePie continued, a number that brings it dangerously close to overtaking his lead that nobody else on YouTube has bested before. “There’s no one left to save us now.”

Expect more streams like this in the future as the war wages on!

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