Rainbow Six Siege Will Never Have A Battle Royale Mode

In the realm of video games, there is often a trend where developers will strike upon something fresh and new, and when they do, they create a trend. This trend is then descended upon by many because it’s popular, and can make them money, and thus a string of games will become a part of this trend. The current trend is that of the Battle Royale mode, with games like PUBG, Fortnite, Black Ops 4, and now Apex Legends being a part of it. But don’t expect Rainbow Six Siege to joining them anytime soon.

This comes from the Brand Director for Rainbow Six Siege, Alexandre Remy, who noted during the recent Invitational that adding a Battle Royale mode would be rather out of the question:

“The asymmetric nature of the game, the importance of team composition, team synergy, and team communication, the importance of destruction, of Operators – all of those elements, clear rules that are making Rainbow Six really a unique experience in the shooter genre, are not compatible with the battle royale.”

He is right, the very nature of a Battle Royale mode is to have everyone be out for themselves, that can’t work in a game like Siege. Or at least, not without bending a lot of its own rules. Remy went on to note how it was nice to see the other Battle Royale games doing “tremendously well”, but that alone won’t change what Rainbow Six Siege is:

“I think Rainbow Six should be Rainbow Six, what it is, keep on doing what we do, so bringing new Operators, bringing more features, helping our overall player experience in the best way that we are doing, but Rainbow Six is not a battle royale and does not intend to be,” he said.

It’s nice to see a game try and not fall into the crowd that everyone is trying to join.

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