Phasmophobia Will Stay In Early Access Longer Than Expected

Phasmophobia dev decided that the game will stay in Early Access for longer than expected because of the game’s unexpected popularity.

Phasmophobia Early Access
Image credit: Kinetic Games

Phasmophobia is one of the games that come out from nowhere and take the internet by storm. Fall Guys and Among Us being the ones most similar to it. Why? Because they’re social multiplayer games that aren’t too competitive. Fall Guys is a bit competitive, but all of them are lighthearted and pretty casual with Among Us and Phasmophobia focusing on communication between players. Phasmophobia is also a horror game. Quite a potent and original one at that, at least with its game design and scares.

The fan base grew exponentially in a matter of months and now the dev came to a new decision. Phasmophobia will stay in Early Access for more than intended. With so many players and the popularity that’s constantly increasing, he wants the game to be as good as people expect it to be. The original Early Access period was supposed to be short, the dev said. He expected server capacity to reach a maximum of 500 players on launch day. However, the all-time peak was 112,717 only 6 days ago, according to SteamDB. A lot more than originally envisioned.

You can find out more about the dev’s opinion on why the game became the new viral sensation and more talk about why it’s staying in Early Access longer than expected in an IGN interview.

Phasmophobia Early Access
Image credit: Kinetic Games

If you’re looking for a really fun co-op ghost hunting experience that’s exciting and quite terrifying at times, give this game a shot. You can get yourself a Phasmophobia PC game key on HRK Game for a discount price right now!

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