PUBG Corps Bans Over 100,000 Cheaters A Week

Seems like the PUBG Corps is still waging war against the cheaters that plague their battle royale game as over 100,000 players get banned each week.

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A community manager speaks to concerned players

PUBG has a pretty significant problem when it comes to cheaters. Anti-cheat measures have been implemented over the years, but it’s not an issue that can be resolved quickly. In a PUBG Reddit thread, a community manager responded to concerned players. Among the many issues that were talked about, cheating was addressed. Seems like there’s an entire team dedicated to anti-hack shenanigans:

We’ve got a team dedicated to solely this, they don’t work on anything else but anti-cheat. We employ a variety of anti-cheat solutions, both internal and external (such as BattlEye).

Fighting against cheaters isn’t easy

However, the community manager said something that players need to keep in mind. This is a game of cat and mouse. Catching cheaters all the time is not easy. Their team is obviously working very hard, but finding a permanent solution is almost impossible. Anti-cheat measures improve over time, but cheaters get better at cheating and hacking as well.

PUBG Corps is banning a lot of accounts weekly

The week of 8th-14th of December, PUBG Corps banned 116,531 accounts. The team also uses HWID bans, but those can’t be used for most cases.  Can they also find a solution for high-ping players? They’re trying to, but that’s also quite hard to do. Since servers send a player from one region to another if the original server doesn’t have enough players for them to connect and play. The PUBG Corps team just wants their players to know that the wars against cheaters is still being waged and that they’re doing everything they can to make the PUBG experience as entertaining and fair for everyone at all times.

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Image credit: PUBG Corps

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