Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human Is A Hit

The same people that made games like Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are also the studios that created Detroit: Become Human. If you’re into games that make you really think about each and every decision that you make, this is a title for you. With exceptional characters, impressive character interaction, absolutely stellar graphics, and an interesting story about AI and humanity, Detroit: Become Human has become Quantic Dream’s most successful video game yet. As you can imagine, the game itself is quite spectacular, and it is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, so if you have a chance to play it you should, as you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Detroit: Become Human

We are constantly bombarded with the idea of AI going rogue or turning against humans, and while most stories that involve these kinds of things have already been used too often, Detroit: Become Humans finds interesting ways to tell us something about what it is to be human. We have three protagonists in the game’s overarching narrative, Connor, Markus, and Kara. The most interesting one is definitely Connor, who is a cop with a human partner that hates him, in the beginning at least.

Overall, the game is filled with all kinds of rememberable experiences which anyone who likes well-written characters will enjoy. Surprisingly, this title also has extremely thrilling action sequences which are superbly executed, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy, and that’s probably why this title is so successful.



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