Six New Maps Coming To Battlefield V With Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Defying the Odds is taking Battlefield V players to France, Greece, and Norway in 6 awesome new maps that are coming soon.

Chapter 5: Awakening the Giant is going to let us leave the Pacific theatre. But, before that, we’re going to be waging war in Norway, Greece, and France when Chapter 4 hits. First things first, there’s the Al Sundan map that’s arriving in June. It seems like the kind of map where you don’t have a lot of cover, so vehicles, tanks especially are going to be deadly. Deserts usually aren’t exciting, but DICE knows how to create really compelling maps. Once the desert burns you out July is bringing a map set on mountains in Greece. Players that like close quarter firefights are going to love this one.

After that, August is coming with two new maps. The Norweigan island of Lofoten and Provence. Both look perfect for small skirmishes, so vehicles probably won’t be used much here. Lofoten doesn’t have a lot of buildings, while Provence is filled with gigantic ones.

Those of you that like incredibly claustrophobic spaces will love the Operation Underground map that’s coming in October. Shotguns and grenades will be terror-inducing tools in this one since trains and tunnels are the only types of environment. There’s quite a nice diversity of different maps. Everything from giant deserts to mountains and then deep tunnels.

Battlefield V players will get all of these in the next few months, and after that Chapter 5 arrives. Are you excited about these new maps? let us know in the comments section down below!

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