Some Bethesda Games Will Be Exclusive To Xbox And PC

It’s official, Microsoft finally realized the deal with Bethesda and said that some titles will be exclusive to Xbox and PC.

Microsoft Bethesda exclusive
Doom Eternal
Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

A gaming giant swallowed by a bigger gaming giant

People don’t seem to understand how big a deal this is. ZeniMax Media is a gaming giant. Founded in 1999, it slowly amassed a lethal team of gaming developers that pumped out hit after hit. Fallout, Doom, Wolfenstein, Dishonored, Elder Scrolls, are just some of the franchises of this multibillion-dollar company.

But, there’s always a bigger fish in the sea. Can you even imagine how much is $7.5 billion? It’s probably enough to fill an Olympic pool with cash. Well that’s how much Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media for. Now these following eight powerhouse devs are working for Microsoft:

  • Bethesda Game Studios
  • id Software
  • ZeniMax Online Studios
  • Arkane
  • MachineGames
  • Tango Gameworks
  • Alpha Dog
  • Roundhouse Studios

Bethesda is the biggest name here, and so the biggest announcement is tied to them.

“Some” Bethesda titles will be Xbox and PC exclusive

We all saw this coming from a mile away. Everyone knows Microsoft keeps losing the exclusivity war with Sony. With franchises like God of War, inFamous, The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, and so on, Microsoft needed big league hitters on their own team.

But, how dangerous will this plan be? Will some minor titles be exclusives? Or is Microsoft planning to make the next Bethesda hit an Xbox and PC  exclusive? There’s plenty of time to think about that while we play some brand new Bethesda titles that are coming to the Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft Bethesda exclusive
Fallout 76
Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

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