Marvel’s Avengers Dev Explains The Slower Leveling Changes

One of Marvel’s Avengers devs took to Reddit to explain their thought process behind making the leveling slower.

Marvel's Avengers slower leveling
Image credit: Crystal Dynamics

Explaining an unexplainably stupid decision

This is peak comedy in the gaming industry. The dev basically tried to explain that Marvel’s Avengers players leveled too quickly, which was a bad thing. Which in turn didn’t let them use all the new powers and abilities that come with a level up efficiently. After all, how can you look forward to new upgrades when you level up 5 times per mission? Early game leveling speed increased, but late game leveling decreased. All for making the leveling experience “smoother”.

Naturally, this is a bunch of bullshit. As antca87 perfectly said in response to this Reddit thread: “This is a terrible move. Leveling up was never the issue. The lack of content was.” You don’t need to slow down leveling if you have enough content to keep the players occupied.

Instead of helping Marvel’s Avengers, its devs are killing it faster

Why do devs think like this? Leveling up is fun, unlocking new powers is fun. A bland game like Marvel’s Avengers barely clings to life with its late-game skills and abilities that improve the combat a tiny bit. Why would you then slow the player’s ability to reach these powers?

It makes you think that Crystal Dynamics is actively trying to kill their own title. Marvel’s Avengers won’t gain anything from slower leveling, but it will sure as hell lose another batch of players to this baffling and quite counterproductive decision.

Marvel's Avengers slower leveling
Image credit: Crystal Dynamics

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