Phasmophobia Makes Ghosts Smarter In New Update

Phasmophobia got a new update that lets you pick your difficulty while smart ghosts are now able to make you pee your pants.

Phasmophobia smart ghosts
Image credit: Kinetic Games

Phasmophobia’s popularity decreased greatly

I wondered if Phasmophobia had what it takes to become a viral sensation. It did, for a time, with an all-time peak of 112,717 players just four months ago according to SteamDB. The 24-hour peak is much humbler, being 21,484. The playerbase dwindled, but a lot of people are still playing this spooky ghost hunting game.

Phasmophobia just needs more variety in content and it can become excellent fun for the whole family. The Prison level, for example, is just the kind of content that’s needed. It’s quite playable and horrifying right now, but you get used to the experience after a couple of weeks of play. However, the latest update switches things up a bit.

Smarter ghosts = Crazier spooks

For starters, you can now pick a Contract’s difficulty. In Professional Difficulty, players won’t be told if the Ghost responds to groups or alone players. The power now starts off always as well. Yet, that’s not the scary part. The A.I. is now a lot smarter, and a lot more frightening.

You’re no longer able to escape a ghost by running around the corner. It follows. The player’s voices attract the ghost if they’re the banshee target. Players are no longer safe behind lockers and closets outside of a hunt. During a hunt, doors, closets, and lockers aren’t safe anymore. You can hold the door to keep the ghost from opening. But, the phantasm can just phase through stuff.

You can check out the rest of the update on the game’s Steam page.

Phasmophobia smart ghosts
Image credit: Kinetic Games

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