The Ascent Announces Its Release Date

Isometric ARPG shooter The Ascent finally reveals its release date and the price required to buy the game and enter its cyberpunk setting.

The Ascent release date
Image credit: Neon Giant

The cyberpunk aesthetic is incredibly popular these days. Thanks to Cyberpunk 2077 and its massive impact on gaming, the spotlight shines brightly on any new title that has a similar setting. The Ascent is one of those games, but it’s not a first-person game. It is an action RPG though, and one that allows for solo and co-op play.

The game was announced a while ago and raised a lot of hype. It’s an isometric shooter with lightning-fast combat, lots of blood and gore, and all kinds of bullets and explosions tearing everything around you up. Take a look at the gameplay down below:

The Ascent looks like a lot of fun, but what’s its release date? July 29th, that’s when the game’s arriving on Xbox X/S, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Game Pass for €29.99. A perfect title to pick up with some friends, slaughter foes in a cyberpunk setting, and collect some sweet loot.

Or you can play it on your own and immerse yourself in a stunning world with a superb atmosphere.

The Ascent release date
Image credit: Neon Giant

What do you think, is The Ascent something that you’re going to play alone or with friends? Or are you skipping this one? Let me know your opinions in the comments section down below!

While you wait you can pick up another similar title, Cyberpunk 2077, which is available on HRK Game for a terrific price!

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