Valheim Moving Towards 7 Million Copies Sold

Valheim isn’t reaching milestones like before but its popularity is still going strong as the game moves toward 7 million copies sold.

Valheim 7 million
Image credit: Iron Gate AB

I was waiting to hear more about Valheim. This survival game came out of nowhere and started selling like crazy. In just a few months it reached 5 million copies sold. That’s when I knew that it was special. An indie game with a minimal install size but tons of engaging content.

But, it’s still in Early Access. There’s plenty of time to add lots of stuff, but the devs already jampacked the game with multiple zones to explore, many kinds of enemies, a bunch of bosses, and more!

That’s why I was surprised we didn’t hear about it recently. Yet, I know we’d get another update on its commercial success. And I was right, as the Embracer Group financial report says the game sold 6.8 million copies. Yet, that’s not all. They “expect another 1.0-1.2 million copies to be sold before the close of the current quarter ending June.”, which would round that number up to 8 million copies sold.

Valheim is close to reaching 7 million copies sold right now. Are you already playing it, or do you plan to buy the game once it leaves Early Access?

Valheim 7 million
Image credit: Iron Gate AB

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