The Live-Action Anthem Short/Trailer Is Out

Remember when we said that Neill Blomkamp was doing either an Anthem live-action short or a trailer?


It’s finally here. The project that Neill Blomkamp has been working has finally been released. What is it? A trailer it seems, nothing more than a trailer. You certainly won’t get that impression once you actually watch it, but BioWare says that it’s a trailer. As you can expect, fans in the comments are already asking for a movie. Who can blame them, this trailer looks better than anything we’ve seen in Anthem during all those VIP and public demos.

The story that’s shown takes place way before the events of the game occur. Everything looks interesting and captivating, but we just didn’t get to see enough of it. Basically, EA just has to give Neill a license to make a feature-length movie. He obviously knows what he’s doing with this setting. Also, all of it looks visually as impressive as one would expect from Neill.


There are some traces of a story here. We have this bald girl that is connected to the Anthem, and the bad guys are looking for her. Then she enters some kind of water vortex and seems some kind of reflection and something something. We think this was supposed to be much longer, but someone cut it down to size to seem like a trailer. That’s why everything is so all over the place.

What do you think, realistically, what are the chances of us getting an live-action movie directed and written by Neill Blomkamp? The fans want it, but the question is, does EA want it? Probably not, but we can at least hope.


Neill delivered wth Conviction, and all we can do now is sign petitions to let the guy make an Anthem movie. This trailer shows that he has the knowledge and skills to do this setting and universe justice. So, why don’t we let him do just that?

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