The MMO Part Of Ashes of Creation Got Delayed

The alpha test that was planned for Ashes of Creation got delayed because the devs want more time to make sure everything works.

Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation is one of the bigger MMORPG projects that we know of, and the devs know that a lot of hype surrounds this game. It’s strange that they made a battle royale version of the game that is supposed to “test” things for the MMO part that just got its alpha test delayed.

This is a pretty complex MMORPG that could even come and replace WoW, but right now these delays and the battle royale mode aren’t giving the players any hope. We even found out that they got fifteen new full-time employees which should help with the development and such.

Ashes of Creation

This first alpha test has 10,000 testers. That’s a large number, so maybe they need to also test their servers more for this kind of capacity. Let’s just hope that in the end, Ashes of Creation turns out to be something well worth the wait. We imagine that a lot of people are holding on to this particular title as their MMORPG savior. Will it be that? Perhaps, perhaps not, all we can do right now is wait.

The delay is going to be used to continue develpoment on castel siege mechanics, character, animation, and environment art, performance improvement and optimization, new launcher preparations, and so on.

Ashes of Creation

Are you one of the people that is hyped for Ashes of Creation? Or are you just waiting to see if this is going to be another dissapointment?

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