The Multiplayer Segment Of Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Monetization

Seems like the multiplayer segment of Cyberpunk 2077 will have monetization, according to president Adam Kiciński.

Man from Cyberpunk 2077 shooting
Image credit: CD Projekt RED

The single-player part isn’t affected by this

Don’t worry, the single-player part of the highly anticipated gritty sci-fi grand RPG won’t be affected by this. But, the multiplayer segment of Cyberpunk 2077 will feature monetization, which makes us worry. Many developers get seduced by millions of dollars. The allure of such a big amount of money is hard to resist, and that’s how monetization work. It is a constant stream of cash that doesn’t stop giving. The investor call touched briefly on this subject. Adam Kiciński, the president of CD Projekt RED, said the monetization of the multiplayer part is going to be “wise”. Oh boy.

Soldiers from Cyberpunk 2077
Image credit: CD Projekt RED

The multiplayer segment is still in early development, as are the monetization plans

However, this part of the game is still quite early in development. Which means a lot of experimentation is occurring, nothing is set in stone. They say the monetization is going to feature a good value for money, but we have to take their word for it. CD Projekt RED has been fair to their fans. I’m just hoping it stays that way. You can’t trust any gaming developer these days as they all quickly succumb to greed. I mean who wouldn’t when you get a chance to earn enough money to last you a lifetime? But, in the investor call they said that they’re looking for a way to implement a fair system that doesn’t ruin the company’s great relationship with its players, which is reassuring.

Character from Cyberpunk 2077
Image credit: CD Projekt RED

I don’t think CD Projekt RED is going to fail us. Then again, you never know with devs these days. Nevertheless, we know this won’t affect the single-player experience. So you can go and pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 on HRK Game without worrying about all that!

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