Warzone Already Has Over 50,000 Banned Cheaters

Seems like Warzone isn’t a big fan of cheating as there are already over 50 000 banned cheaters in less of a month since it launched.

Warzone 50 000 cheaters
Image credit: Activision

Engaging and fast-paced combat, an incredibly well-designed map, and lots of excellent additions to the battle royale formula. Warzone is a title that many are playing and loving for a good reason. Hell, over 30 million people started playing it just over a week after it launched. It’s clearly doing something rather amazing when it intrigued so many people. Yet, it also attracted a lot of cheaters and hackers. And as we all know, competitive games like this one suffer a lot of there are a lot of those players running around.

Thankfully, the devs are acting fast. Since the release of Warzone, there have already been over 50 000 permabans. That’s a lot considering that the game is still fairly new. But it also means that cheating and hacking are dealt with as it should be. Fast and without any mercy. Security teams are working 24/7 to monitor and identify any kind of cheating. The use of aimbots, wallhacks, and other cheats and hacks is reviewed as well so there are no unfair bans. UI will get even more streamlined to make reporting a more seamless experience. Read more about this on their official blog.

Warzone 50 000 cheaters
Image credit: Activision

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