What Does Neill Blomkamp Has To Do With Anthem

A tweet from Neill Blomkamp makes us think that he’s somehow involved with Anthem, but in what way?

Neill Blomkamp
The picture that Neill tweeted.

For those of you that don’t know him, Neill Blomkamp is the guy that is known for his work on movies like District 9, Elysium, Chappie, and so on. A connection can already be made here, as these all have something in common with Anthem, and that is the sci-fi setting. He tweeted something that is hinting at a collaboration. Fans being fans, speculation began immediately, and some people want to get an Anthem movie while others are expecting a live-action trailer.

Since a movie is highly unlikely at this point, maybe the live-action trailer is being directed by Neill. Who knows, your guess is as good as ours at this point, as no crucial information is available on this matter. What would you like to see? A movie taking place in the world that Anthem is establishing could be pretty cool. But, wouldn’t it be just like Iron Man then?

Neill Blomkamp

He’s a master when it comes to blending normal images with computer-generated effects, so an Anthem movie wouldn’t be all that bad with him in charge. With BioWare and EA behind that, the funds would be there, so that movie, if it were ever made, it would probably be a visual masterpiece.

One thing is for certain, the fans are flipping out, barely containing their exicetement, so let’s hope Neill Blomkamp at least gives us more hints as to what this collaboration is all about.

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